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Modi swag sweeps social media again!

Narendra Modi


New Delhi, May 16 -- What happens when the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy decides to hang out with a couple of Terracota warriors?

Social media goes berserk! Indeed, PM Narendra Modi's recent visit to the popular museum in Xi'an, China, gave way to hundreds of funny memes and jokes.

From his rectangular sunglasses to his moonwalking swagger, everything found mention. @GabbbarSingh tweeted, "Modi surprised to find the statue of a young Milkha Singh," along with a meme of Modi inspecting a statue in a glass case.

Another favourite was a picture of Modi sitting at a desk with several men in black surrounding him. The meme read "Matrix" taking a dig at a Hollywood movie by the same name.

@Over_rated's tweet when Modi was inspecting the warriors, tickled our funny bone: "Look at me when I am talking to you, son!" Keh Ke Peheno @coolfunnytshirt hinted at Modi's keen style sense with the tweet, "NaMo checking whether the warrior is wearing Louis Vuitton."

Meanwhile, in light of the China visit, several social media users pointed out how often the Prime Minister has travelled out of the country since being sworn in.

"Former PM Manmohan Singh was in silent mode and PM modi is in flight mode," reads a tweet by @vaibhav_ zope, pointing at Modi's visit to 16 countries in less than a year.

Some of the countries he has visited include Brazil, Nepal, Japan, USA, Australia, Fiji, Seychelles, Mauritius France and Germany.