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I am not a 'woman' director when I'm directing: Nandita Das

Nandita Das

New Delhi, March 10 -- Activist and actor Nandita Das noted for voicing women's issues feels that females are still marginalised and face stereotypes in their daily lives.  

While directing the Hindi political thriller Firaaq in 2008, the actor said she had encountered the "typical mindset" which a woman faces when she "tries to break the barriers".

"When I directed Firaaq, many asked me how is it to be a woman director. But when you direct you do not think whether you are a woman or not," said the actor, who was in the city recently to participate in a discussion on Women's leadership.    

"The fact that I am a woman comes with the idea that there is a different way I look at things. For example, if the film is on violence, a woman's gaze is different than when a man looks at it," the 44-year-old actor said.    

Das, who also champions women's rights, said it is not just the entertainment or the media industry that tries to keep the women in conformity. "When I am on a flight, most of the time they give me magazines pitched for women. There is so much of presupposition that you being a woman would obviously love those type of magazines," she added.