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Did Nandita Das say 'Every men are rapists' ?

Nandita Das

By Tulsi, News Network

She caught the wrong sort of attention for her quote in an interview that went viral last night! Certainly not what she expected! Certainly not what we expected, or anyone, from a strong, smart and unconventional actress like Nandita Das.

So did Nandita really say “Every man is a rapist”? Apparently she did not! She clears the air that she was misquoted, and uses twitter to do so: “I’m being falsely quoted Never said all men are rapists. What kind of a stupid generalisation is that? sad that 1 have to even explain this.”

Oh, phew! It’s rather tough to believe that a fine actress like her, who is happily married to entrepreneur Subodh Maskara and has a 5 year old boy who one day will grow up to be a man, would EVER say something as absurd as this.
Nevertheless, she has replaced Deepika Padukone in being the butt of jokes and trolls, with the hashtag  #NanditaDasQuote trending all over social media. But this powerful personality couldn’t care less, or shouldn’t.