Mugdha Godse
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Mugdha sports latex fashion!

Mugdha Godse


Mumbai, Jan. 31 -- Mugdha Godse, who wore an outfit that was made using condoms at a fashion show in town on Thursday (January 29), believes it's time people talk openly about sex, and not consider it a taboo.

"I walked for this show because I wanted to reach out to many people who may still consider the word 'condom' something to be ashamed of. I want to tell everyone to practise safe sex, or to beware of the consequences of unprotected sex," she says.

The actor adds that if celebrities openly advocate safe sex, people may take it more seriously, and may even lend their support to such causes. Mugdha feels that the younger generation is opening up to a lot of things that were earlier considered a taboo, and education with regard to these subjects is a must.

She explains, "I personally feel -- and I believe I speak for a lot of other people -- that sex education should be taught to everyone. It's only when we start speaking about such topics that a lot of things, like teenage pregnancies and abortions, can be stopped."