Mugdha Godse
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Mugdha gives her all to acting!

Mugdha Godse


New Delhi, May 18 -- Actor Mugdha Godse is a true professional when it comes to her work. As a part of a sequence for her upcoming film, the 28-year-old had to shoot barefoot in the scorching sun for a long time. Although her feet were full of blisters, Mugdha continued to work through the pain.

"It was so hot and the ground was burning. She was required to run across the hot stone roof in anger. Somehow the shot went on for almost two hours. The poor girl was in so much pain but she did not complain and insisted on finishing the shot," says director Jashwant Gangani.

Mugdha says that such circumstances are a part of her profession, which is why she did not stop the shoot.

"The sequence was challenging for me to shoot as it was very hot and I was in pain. But I decided to continue with the scene as this is what we actors do. For me, this was another day in an actor's life," she says.

Mugdha is also actively participating in the rehabilitation process in Nepal post the tragic earthquake and had even donated useful items. "I have sent clothes, medicines and tents for quake-hit people. My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes and their families," she told us earlier.