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Hair colour is important in my field: Mugdha Godse

Mugdha Godse


Mumbai, Dec. 17 -- Model Mugdha Godse made a successful transition to Bollywood, acting in films such as Fashion (2008), Jail (2009) and Heroine (2012). Being in showbiz, Mugdha understands the importance of makeovers at regular intervals.

However, she doesn't believe in compromising with her hair care. She says, "My hair means a lot to me. Hairstyling and hair colour play an important role in the field I belong to; they can add or take away from your appearance."

Ask about her favourite hairdo, and the actor says, "I usually leave my hair open. It falls well, and that's how I look best. I love adding slight curls for volume, and they make me feel all girly." She also speaks about getting experimental when it comes to colouring hair. She says, "I like shades of brown. I play it safe with my hair. I may add a bright streak here and there, but overall, it's the darker or lighter shades of brown that I like."

According to Mugdha, in Bollywood, all actors play it safe, and often choose shades of browns or blacks, unlike in Hollywood, where personalities are more experimental. "Lady Gaga can carry off anything in style. For that matter, Sharon Osbourne looks really good in her red mane. She definitely makes a statement," she says.