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Monica's next on 9/11 attacks

Monica Dogra


Mumbai, May 26 -- Director Raghav Murali is touching upon a sensitive subject for his first film. The movie is based on the catastrophic 9/11 attacks in the New York, US.

Apparently, popular musician-actor Monica Dogra has been roped in to play a journalist in the film. She will be seen revealing how the police department of New York hired Muslim informants to help figure out the terrorists' plan.

"The film is based on the aftermath of the attacks. It's a new and rare take on how a few unheard techniques were used to extract information," says a source close to the film's unit.

When contacted, Murali says that he found the idea of hiring Muslim informants at a time when there was apparently a lot of discrimination against the community in the US, intriguing. "When we started work on the film, the findings were shocking. The fact that the police hired Muslims to extract information regarding the attack seemed interesting," he says.