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Monica Dogra's Madonna connection!


Mumbai, May 26 -- Indie queen Monica Dogra recently shot for her most ambitious video for a song called 'Shiver'.

It will be part of her upcoming album. The track is about women's empowerment, and for the same, Monica has roped in someone special to play the protagonist.

An insider says, "Monica has brought down Reshma Gajjar, who she has known for a while now, to choreograph the video, and to play the protagonist. Reshma has toured with music legends like Madonna and Ricky Martin in the past."

When contacted, Monica says Ryan Heffington (dancer) had initially agreed to choreograph the piece. But things didn't work out with him, and she desperately needed a new choreographer.

"Reshma is my long-time friend and collaborator. I reached out to her, and she recommended Jasmine Albuquerque from an inspiration dance performance trio. Jasmine and I had a couple of Skype chats, and I decided to hire her to choreograph the video. Then, because of budgetary constraints, she taught Reshma the choreography, and I flew Reshma down as my principle choreographer and dancer," adds Monica.