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Mohit Suri: Lots of independent artistes will receive an opportunity to showcase their talents


Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- In director Mohit Suri's latest venture, he is going to promote new independent singers, lyricists and composers along with a music label. 
Their first single 'Teri yaad' was recently released. The director has given an opportunity to many new artistes in his movies even in the past.
"In my first film, Zeher (2005), we had launched Atif Aslam, and in every film after that I've tried to launch one new singer, composer, and one lyric writer. Mithoon did his first work with me. So, I was invariably supporting newer people although in an unstructured way. But as part of this venture, I can give more opportunities to freshers and that too in a more structured manner. Therefore, a lot of independent artistes will receive an opportunity to showcase their talents and the music that we will be supporting also goes beyond Bollywood music," he says.
Talking about if he has offered inputs in any music compositions of his movies, he says, "People think because my music has done so well that I have some special skill. To be honest, there is no special skill. I don't even know how to play an instrument. I've never studied music. I just listen to music like all of us do. Initially, none of the biggies were working with me or taking me seriously as a director," says Mohit. Hence, he began collaborating with newer artistes and composers.
"Somehow that became a practice. And when the physical form (of composing music) died out and people started coming out with one track at a time that just became the norm then. Today, everyone is doing the same thing that I used to do. They don't have one composer, but multiple composers for a film. The reason I work with one new artiste in every film is because I feel the more you grow, you tend to lose connect with what is happening around. People are afraid to approach you, and you start getting into a trap of your own work. Everyone asks you to repeat your own work, therefore, it's important to work with new people to stay relevant."