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Mohit Suri: Keeping it real!

Mohit Suri


New Delhi, May 23 -- Filmmakers are known to go to any lengths to make sure that their film looks the best. And filmmaker Mohit Suri, who is directing Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor in his forthcoming film is no exception.

For a song Galliyan in the film, Mohit was keen to shoot a sequence with bio-luminous plankton (microscopic organisms that float freely with oceanic currents that glow when they get to the seashore).

Unable to find these anywhere, Mohit almost scrapped the sequence, until he found out that the planktons appear in their natural form on a particular beach in Mauritius. So, he decided to shift the destination from Thailand to Mauritius even though a full recci in Krabi had taken place.

A source confirms, "Mohit could have easily added the plankton in VFX but he wanted everything to be natural and in its purest form so as to retain the integrity of the romance, and therefore shot the sequence on a beach in Mauritius."