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Mohit Suri: 'Alia wants to work with me'

Mohit Suri


New Delhi, July 19 -- Director Mohit Suri has had two back-to-back hits just like his actor-cousin, Alia Bhatt. And while most people assume that they will work together at some point in the future, the director says there is nothing planned as of now.    

"I would love to work with Alia. She has proven to be a good actor," says Mohit, adding that he hasn't spoken to Alia about casting her in any film yet, nor has he discussed the matter with other family members.

However, he admits that, even though both of them are busy with their respective careers, the idea cannot be ruled out completely.    

"She once told me that she wants to work with me and asked me how I manage to make other heroines look pretty. To be honest, I think I'd have double the responsibility, as we are related and I would have to get her a great script. Alia is a star and a good actor, so I am panicking in that sense," he says.

Mohit also reveals that he hasn't seen any of his cousin's films yet. "I was talking to someone about how well Alia has sung 'Samjhavan unplugged' in her recently released film. I loved the maturity in her voice. I have only seen glimpses of her films, as I was busy with my movie and didn't have much time. But now that I am free, I have picked up the DVDs of some," he says.