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Singers should work on their attitude: Mika Singh

Mika Singh


Mumbai, Oct. 11 -- With young actors like Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor trying their hand at playback recently, popular singer Mika Singh says he has understood why this has become a trend.

"Most music directors try to sing a track themselves, and when they fail to do so, they pass it on to some actor. While a singer would do a much better job with the same song, composers prefer getting stars on board," says Mika.

But the singer, who turned actor recently, believes that composers alone are not to be blamed for this trend. "I feel that singers should work on their attitude because we are what we are because of music directors," he says.

Mika recently chose to get into acting - just like his contemporary Shaan - despite having a successful career in music. Ask the singer the reason for it, and he says, "Koi bhi acting sirf do cheezon ke liye karta hai - paisa aur popularity. Bhagwan ki kripa se mere paas dono hi the (A person acts in a film only for two things - money and popularity. By God's grace, I already had enough of both things). So, acting just happened to me. I never made a conscious effort to be an actor."