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Singer Mika to turn a chaiwala!

Mika Singh

New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- Singer Mika Singh, will turn chaiwala for a day, as he supports Lakhendra Paswan, a tea seller to raise funds for his family. The show, which will be telecast on TV, will see Mika will use his talent, wit and star persona to earn big bucks for Paswan.

Interestingly, the chai stall is also set in Tilak Nagar in Delhi. "Paswan is looking for help to make his grandfather's life comfortable and his own future brighter. Mika is extremely humbled by the opportunity that has come his way and is looking forward to add a musical twist in order to raise sufficient funds to make Lakhendra's life better," says a source.    

The show will see Mika take over all the chores of the tea seller and spend a day in his life. He will even ensure that Paswan earns a certain amount of money so that he can change his ordinary and tough life to an extraordinary one.    

And it's not just Mika, even other celebs will be seen on this show, leading the life of an ordinary man, on this show. They will spend the entire day earning a common man's livelihood.