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Shouldn't have lost my cool: Mika Singh

Mika Singh


Mumbai, April 14 -- A few days back, singer Mika Singh made headlines for slapping an audience member on stage at a concert organised by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society in the capital on April 11.

In retaliation, the audience member, Shrikant, has now filed an FIR against the hitmaker. While the legal proceedings are underway, the singer opened up about the incident via SMS, when we reached out to him. According to Mika, matters escalated when he asked a group of men at the concert to make space for the women and children in the audience to "enjoy the show".

He said, "It was then that this particular doctor started swearing at me, and pointing his middle finger at me. I realised he was drunk, so I called him on stage."

On stage, Mika asked the doctor if he would feel comfortable making the same gesture on stage in front of his family. "Since he continued, I lost my cool, which I shouldn't have, and slapped him," said Mika.

The singer went on to talk about his "negative public image", wondering why he is misunderstood so often.

"Why am I always perceived in a negative way even when I do things for the protection of women? Would people have rather preferred if I hadn't taken a step to help others? Either I should ignore people like this, and let such things happen, or stand up for the vulnerable," said the singer, insisting that he has no intension of "changing". "People can decide whether I was right or wrong. I did what I felt was in the best interest of the ladies and children, and I will always continue to stand up against what is wrong," he added.