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Mika Singh: You need talent, not humility, to be a singer..

Mika Singh


New Delhi, Sept. 27 -- Popular Punjabi singer Mika Singh, who is known as much for his songs as for flaunting popular styles, says that a singer does not need to be docile in order to impress music directors.

"Earlier, the image that people had of a struggling singer was that of a docile person with a jhola. But I changed that. Even when I was looking for work, I used to go in my SUV. I was never docile - I was myself. So, the bottomline is - you need talent to be a singer, not humility."

The 37-year-old-singer, who recently visited the HT City office, spoke about how singers are not completely justified to ask for royalties from music labels for their hits.

"I have a divided opinion on this. I do agree with singers when they demand more royalty for their songs that become hits. However, I wish they could maintain this attitude from the start," says Mika, and goes on to explain, "What happens is, new singers come to the industry, they wait outside the music label's office for hours. After they get a song and it becomes a hit, they suddenly develop this attitude and say, 'humari maange poori karo'. That is not done. You have to have the same attitude throughout. You need to tell the producer from the start that you won't sing for free."