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Mika sends Hrithik a gift!

Mika Singh


Mumbai, June 14 -- Hrithik Roshan is undoubtedly one of the most talented dancers in Bollywood, and watching him perform live is a treat for viewers. Singer Mika Singh is also impressed with the actor.

And, this is not just for his dancing skills, but for Hrithik's gesture at a film awards event that was held in April this year.

During Mika's performance at the show in Florida, the actor joined him on stage and broke into an impromptu jig. "Hrithik had just completed his performance and was backstage when Mika was on stage. He liked the way the singer started his performance and joined him on stage," says a source close to Hrithik.     

And now, we have come to know that Mika has sent a gift to the actor as a token of appreciation. "As he was moved by Hrithik's gesture, he sent a special gift to his residence last week. It was Mika's way of thanking him for making his performance special. Hrithik was so touched by Mika's effort that he called him up to thank him for the present," adds the source.

When contacted, Hrithik's spokesperson confirms the news.