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Mika records a song at 3am!

Mika Singh


New Delhi, Jan. 27 -- Punjabi rapper Mika is known to be a sport, be it for his recording sessions or live performances. The 37-year-old was so kicked about his first recording of the year that he went to the studio in the wee hours and recorded a song at 3 in the morning.

Sharing the details, a source from the production unit of the film for which he recorded the song, says, "It was a special Haryanvi rap and Mika really loved the whole idea of it so he just decided to record it at 3am, impromptu."

The source adds that Mika is apparently very upbeat about the film's concept, and therefore, was very enthusiastic about finishing the song at the earliest. "It's a youth-centric, fun love story starring newbies such as Sharib Hashmi, Suzanna Mukherjee, Karan Mehra, Sidhanth Gupta and Gunjan Malhotra," adds the source.