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Main singers ka Khan hoon, says 'trendsetter' Mika!

Mika Singh

When singer Mika Singh starts talking in his signature swag, he is so unintentionally entertaining that you don’t want to interrupt him. He’s unabashed, uninhibited and unhurried. In fact, he is to singers what Khans are to actors – or so he says. “Hamare Khans ke paas kya hai? Kisi ke pass style, kisi ke pass attitude, aur guts. Singers mein only I have all these three things. Main singers ka Khan hoon,” he explains, adding, “Saath mein main thoda naughty bhi hoon, isliye meri sabse acchi banti bhi hai.”

What’s more, he says he is the only one who is followed by two of his favourite superstars on Twitter. “I am the only one who is followed by both Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. And that’s something jo Oscars se bhi badi cheez hai mere liye,” he says. In the same breath, he assures, “Aur main Salman (Khan) bhai ko bhi follow karwaoonga. Mein jo soch leta hoon na, karta hoon. Mujh mein bahut guts hai.”

He also credits himself for giving other singers attitude and style. “You know before I entered the industry, all the singers were very sharmila and too humble, like they would say, ‘sab bhagwan ne diya’. They wouldn’t even dress stylishly,” he says, very casually adding, “Then I entered. I was stylish. I wore cool chains and drove big cars. I had a lot of style. Toh ab sab singers meri tarah badi gadi letein hain and ab sab smart ho gaye hain. I am a trendsetter. Meri apni ek image hai.”

But whatever happened to the controversy-wali image, we ask. Why don’t we see him in the centre of any controversies now? “See I never ran away from controversies. Main kabhie chupta nahi hun,” he says with a laugh and adds in his signature style, “You know people started saying ki Mika toh controversies ki wajah se chalta hai. So I said, now I will make sure that people talk about me only because of my music. And for the past four years, sirf music ki wajah se Mika chala hai.”