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I get active after 7pm: Mika Singh

Mika Singh


New Delhi, Oct. 2 -- Popular singer Mika Singh, one of the few musicians known for iconic live performances, shares with us the secret to his unending stamina during live shows.

"I only wake up after 7pm. By wake up, I mean I am fully charged after 7pm. Before that, you can see the colour missing from my face, my voice is all husky and I am 100% in control of myself. But as soon as the clock ticks 7, I am fresh. I am ready to sing, perform and dance. After 7, I cannot sit idle at one place", he says.

Mika, who has churned out hits such as Gabru, Ganpat and many more, admits that there has been an increasing love for Punjabi music. "Punjabi hip-hop was always famous. I've done a few hip hop songs earlier, but with the amount of success the current crop of rappers in this industry have received, the genre has finally received a nationwide recognition," he says. "In fact, till a few years ago, Bollywood refused to sign these rappers. But after I gave Yo Yo his first (Bollywood) break with the song, Subah Hone Na De, everyone in the film industry now wants to sign them up and give them at least one song in their films," adds the singer.

"The Punjabi style is something that can fit into any genre - be it hip-hop, rock, trance, and even sufi music," says the 37-year-old performer.