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Manoj Bajpayee: Slow and steady!

Manoj Bajpayee


Mumbai, April 27 -- Manoj Bajpayee recently celebrated his 46th birthday on April 23, which was made even more special by his daughter, Ava Nyala, who decorated the house with balloons.

"She even made five cards for me, and she was the one who cut my birthday cake," says Manoj, adding, "I think she felt that her dad's birthday should be like her birthday. It was something very different for me, as I have never celebrated my birthday this way before. Later, a few of my friends came over. It was very special."

The actor has spent 21 years in the industry, but unlike many others, he feels his career graph doesn't boast of enough when it comes to the number of releases.

"Fifty films in 21 years is not a good run rate. It just shows how choosy I have been in my career, and how my kind of films were not being made. But now, they are being made, and I aim to complete at least 50 films in the next 10 years. From that tally, I have already completed shooting for five films. Some of them will release this year," says Manoj.

While he wishes to increase the number of films he does, the actor, who is known for his offbeat choices, wants to continue taking risks. It is not surprising then that he has signed a film with director Samir Karnik, whose last film (Char Din Ki Chandni; 2012) didn't work at the box office.

"I don't mind taking risks if the script is good. Also, I don't judge a director by his last film. I take him on the basis of the script that I have in front of me. I'm doing a comic thriller with Samir, and it is my way of breaking away from all the intense roles that I have been doing in the last few years," says Manoj.