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Manoj Bajpayee: I don't do anything which I have done before

Manoj Bajpayee


 Two times National Award-winner Manoj Bajpayee will soon be seen in director Amit Sharma’s Tevar, where he is working alongside Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. The thespian opens up about his role, acting method and future projects in a freewheeling chat.

Are you playing the anti-hero in Tevar?
My character has a criminal background, and he is from Mathura, but you’ll be surprised to see the way we have treated it. It’s more like a loverboy who is overwhelmed by his love for Sonakshi’s character.

Can his character overshadow Arjun’s character in the film?
No, I don’t think so because the script is evenly distributed. Arjun has done a good job. In fact, we all got the chance to showcase our talent.

What is this fascination with negative roles?
I don’t agree with your opinion. If you’ll take a closer look, you’ll realise that I have done only four really negative characters in my entire film career. Also, I don’t see it this way, I treat characters differently in different films. If there are negative traits, I will add some positivity to it. If it is positive in nature, I will try to make it grey. This is what an actor should do to make things believable and more specific.

Why should I go for clichéd roles? Also, there is a challenge in doing roles which others think as negative or difficult. Interestingly, all my grey-shaded roles are loved by the audience.

You don’t say yes to many films.
See, I don’t do anything which I have done before. For that matter, I would ask you to pick out two of my roles which are similar. I consider this my achievement as an actor. I would like to be called a complete actor.

Any future projects?
I am doing a film which is based on the life of a chaatwaala in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi. This is a humorous love story which will reveal new facets of human nature to the audience. I am also doing a film with Tabu, I am also co-producing it. You see, a Tevar supports all such ventures.