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Family time for Manoj Bajpayee!


Mumbai, May 27 -- National Award winner Manoj Bajpayee has a series of movies lined up throughout the year.

He will be spending time promoting these projects as well. He has also been travelling across the globe with his films, and recently received a standing ovation at the New York Indian Film Festival for his portrayal of a homosexual professor in Aligarh.

Now, in an effort to strike a balance between his personal and professional life, the actor has decided to take a month off to spend time with his daughter, Ava Nayla. A source close to the actor tells us, "Manoj is a doting dad. He makes sure that he spends as much time with her as possible."

Apparently, every year, during her summer vacations, Manoj spends all his time with her. "He doesn't want to miss out on any moment in Ava's life," adds the source.

Manoj says, "A father-daughter relationship is pure and beautiful. Ever since Ava has come into my life, I have tried to spend most of my time with her. As an actor with an erratic schedule, it has been a difficult task, especially lately. But then, my family is my priority."