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Family is most important for Manoj Bajpayee!

Manoj Bajpayee


Mumbai, March 24 -- While box-office success might be important to Manoj Bajpayee - who has portrayed several gritty and hard-hitting roles in his twodecade-long career - what's most important to him is his family, including his four year-old daughter, Ava Nyla.

It's no surprise then that the actor loves to pamper his bundle of joy, especially when it's her birthday. In fact, this year, Ava Nyla, who turned a year older recently, got to celebrate her birthday thrice.

Manoj wrapped up his 30-day schedule of Hansal Mehta's next way before time and flew in from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, to Mumbai, just to be with her.

However, the little one caught viral fever, so her birthday was celebrated only with a small cake-cutting ceremony at home with Manoj and his wife Shabana.

The viral infection kept Ava Nyla in bed for two weeks, but after she recovered, Shabana arranged for an elaborate pink-themed birthday party for her and invited her friends. From a pink Barbie gown to a Barbie-themed cake, everything was organised according to Ava Nyla's preference.

The little girl was also part of a third birthday celebration at her school. "Ava loves cutting cakes, even when it's not her birthday. This time, she cut not one or two, but three cakes. After the house party, we took another cake to her school for her classmates," says Manoj.