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Manish Paul: 'Women flirted with me even at a funeral'

Manish Paul

New Delhi, March 3 -- Actor and TV presenter Manish Paul is pretty popular with the ladies, who try to hit on him even at some very unconventional occasions.

"Women try to flirt with me or hug me, and it gets a little embarrassing. Of course, I love all the attention, but like once, when I went to a funeral, I could see some ladies talking about me. Then, they came up to me and started talking to me and flirting with me. And I'm like, 'Can we talk later, this is not the right place'," he laughs, adding, "Sometimes women ask me to take off my shirt."    

While the 32-year-old enjoys all the attention, we ask if his wife does too. "When I tell her that they were shouting 'take off your shirt', she says, 'I hope you're obliging them'," says Paul, who has a three year old daughter with wife Sanyukta Paul, "I've known Sanyukta since kindergarten. She understands me and it was our dream that I become an actor, not mine alone."    

We also ask him if the reports of him quitting comedy show, Mad in India, owing to disappointing TRPs and his film assignments, are true. "I have got fabulous reviews for playing the host on the show. Even the show is getting great response. The show is just two episodes old. Our set is also different - it has the feel of Jay Leno's The Tonight Show. It'll take some time for the viewers to get used to it," clarifies Manish, who will soon be seen in the comedy flick - Tere Bin Laden 2.