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Manish Paul turns fanboy!

Manish Paul


Mumbai, Oct. 10 -- TV host-turned-actor Manish Paul, who idolises Amitabh Bachchan, was elated when he got the opportunity to work with the superstar recently. He co-anchored an episode of Bachchan's TV reality show in Raipur.

"It was the best day of my life. I think anybody who comes to Mumbai wants to work with Mr Bachchan in any capacity. When I was approached to anchor the show with him, I agreed instantly. It was a dream come true," says Manish.

He says that while shooting for the show, he behaved more like a fan of Bachchan rather than a co-anchor. "During the three-day shoot, I would follow him everywhere. I ensured I was seated next to him every time. If he was on stage, I made sure to be with him. I behaved more like a fan and not a co-anchor," says Manish.

He also adds that a childhood story he shared with Bachchan made the veteran actor laugh. "I told him that I got beaten up by my father for writing 'mera baap chor hai' (my father is a thief; a famous line from Bachchan's 1975 film Deewaar) on my hand. He was in splits," says the actor.

Manish also requested him for an autograph. He says, "I bought a batch encrypted with the number 786 (symbolic of Bachchan's characters in Deewar and Coolie; 1983) on it. He gave me an autograph with my name on it."