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Manish follows Ayushmann's lead?

Manish Paul

New Delhi, Oct. 12 -- They have both been hosts on popular TV shows, started their Bollywood careers with relatively smaller films, and now Manish Paul has gone ahead and sung a song in his debut film, just like his good friend Ayushmann Khurrana did in Vicky Donor (2012).

This, after reports that the promos of his debut film Mickey Virus look similar to Ayushmann's Vicky Donor, with both films set in Delhi.     Ask Manish about the similarity and he says: "It happened by chance and I had no intentions of singing. The director and music director were working together when   I began humming the song and they felt that I had a good voice. We recorded a scratch and I sang in an animated voice. There are many people in Delhi who sing in such a fashion. They felt that it was awesome."     

The song is called 'Pyaar China ka maal hai' and has been received well. "Shah Rukh Khan and (Amitabh) Bachchan sir too have sung in their films, so it's nothing new. I understand the comparisons will happen but I'm here to perform and entertain ... I didn't know that my voice had been retained in the song and found out when I got the music CD. But people like it so I'm happy," he says.