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Mallika Sherawat clears the air on her eviction from a Paris apartment


Responding to the news about her eviction from an apartment in Paris, actor Mallika Sherawat has denied owning a flat or renting one in the French capital, according to a media report.
Mallika Sherawat lives in the Paris apartment with her French boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans
On Friday, a BBC report said that Mallika and her French “husband” were facing eviction from their Paris apartment. The couple reportedly owed their landlord 80,000 euros (Rs 64 lakh approx) in rent and that a court in Paris was scheduled to give its verdict soon, it said.
The flat is located in the upscale 16th Arrondissement area of Paris, and the news of the reported eviction spread like wildfire on the internet, with many French, British and Indian online news portals picking it up.
However, Mallika denied the story, according to Mumbai Mirror. “I do not live in Paris, neither do I own an apartment there nor rent one. I do not know why my name is being dragged into this,” she fumed, continuing, “I am in Mumbai now. Before this, I was in Los Angeles with my family. Anybody who does not believe me can check my Instagram and Twitter posts for themselves.”
Quoting the couple’s lawyer, the BBC report had said that by not paying rent, they wanted to “show their annoyance” after Mallika was attacked in the building last year.
They were facing “temporary financial difficulties” but were willing to pay once all problems had been resolved. The landlord, meanwhile, has sought the seizure of furniture and a luxury watch, the report added.
Mallika and her rumoured French business tycoon boyfriend, Cyrille Auxenfans, were attacked in the lobby of their apartment by unidentified men last November. The intruders, whose faces were hidden with scarves, had sprayed tear gas before punching and robbing the couple.