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Mallika: I'm the only actor who's met Obama twice..

Mallika Sherawat


New Delhi, Jan. 23 -- In 2004, a two-film-old actor shot to fame with director Anurag Basu's hit, Murder. The film worked wonders for Mallika Sherawat's career, and she made headlines for the intimate scenes that she pulled off confidently. In no time, she had earned herself the title of a 'sex siren'.

Partly typecast, Mallika went on to do several other Hindi films and even a few international ones, most of which bombed. Her last successful Hindi film was Welcome in 2007, which was a multi-starrer. Bring up her rocky career path, and Mallika admits that the last few years have been tough.

"There was a lull, and I agree that an actor is as good as his or her last film. I did not get strong, meaty roles. But that happens with everybody. What matters is that I am still being offered roles," she says.

Asked if she failed to sustain the success that came with Murder, she says, "That depends on how one defines success. I am still an independent woman. I take my own decisions. I sign my own cheques. That is success for me, not having 200 films in my kitty. I am the only actor who has met US President Barack Obama twice. I'm satisfied with where I am," she says.