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Mallika gears up for a debate!

Mallika Sherawat

Mumbai, Feb. 8 -- Known best for her sultry onscreen image, Mallika Sherawat is now venturing into new territory - debating.

The actor has accepted an invitation to speak at the Oxford Union, a globally prestigious debating society founded in 1823. The event is known as a valuable training ground for several upcoming politicians from Britain and other countries. She has been invited to speak in a debate titled - 'This House Believes Gender Exists to Oppress.'    

Of late, Mallika has spoken about the plight of women in various interviews. By accepting this invitation, she joins a list of luminaries who have spoken at the event in the past. It includes Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, the Dalai Lama, Judi Dench and past Presidents of the US, like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.    

When contacted, Mallika confirms that she has "accepted the invitation (to speak at the debate)." She adds: "The date is set for February 27. A lot of preparation is required. It's a great honour. I come from a small town, so it means a lot to be invited to speak at such a historic venue. I can use the platform to highlight issues like the drop in the conviction rate in rape cases across the country."    

Work-wise, the actor is busy shooting for KC Bokadia's Dirty Politics. She also recently revealed on her Twitter page that she is working on a comedy with actor Sanjay Mishra.