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Don't mind controversy for a good cause: Mallika

Mallika Sherawat


Mumbai, June 13 -- Known for always taking the bold route, whether on the big screen or in her statements to the media, Mallika Sherawat has, of late, been rather reserved.

Her red carpet appearances at the recent Cannes Film Festival were lacklustre and, in the telephonic chat with us from Los Angeles, the actor chose to be a little cautious and even restrained.    

With her recent role in a Hollywood TV show, Mallika seems to be leaning towards the west a lot more. Ask her if her interest in Bollywood is over, and she says, "Not at all. I have a new movie, which is coming out soon. We have to shoot one song for it, and then it'll be a wrap. I am very excited about it; the story is inspired by the life of Bhanwari Devi (the Jodhpur nurse who was allegedly raped and murdered). I play the central character."    

Like most Mallika films, this one, too, is embroiled in controversy thanks to its provocative poster. It shows her posing in a drape that looks like the national flag. Reportedly, a political party has asked the makers to change the colour of the drape. But Mallika seems to be unfazed by this turmoil. "I am unaware (of the controversy). I did what the makers asked me to do. But if it is for a good cause, then it's (a) good (thing). There was a lot of controversy about me talking about women's rights. That was good because I used my stature to bring attention to the cause."    

Last year, Mallika was part of a reality TV show, The Bachelorette India, where she was looking for a perfect bachelor for herself. It was projected that she would date the winner, Vinay Jhamb, after the show ends. But, reportedly that never happened and Mallika flew to Los Angeles as soon as the show ended. When asked about the occurrence, Mallika dodges the question, saying, "I don't want to answer any questions on that."    

But, the actor is quite thrilled about being part of the US show Hawaii Five-0. "I accepted this role because I am never offered parts that are acting-oriented. I play an Afghan woman, who tries to save her husband and child from the Taliban," says Mallika.    

While she loved the idea of deglamorising herself for the role, she says, "I have also learnt Pashto, the native Afghan language. I will be seen wearing Afghan clothes, where my head will be covered. All of this was exciting. I also enjoyed being part of a great franchise (the show)."    

Ask her if she sees working in a Hollywood TV show a better career option as opposed to a Hindi one, and Mallika says, "I don't mind doing a Hindi, Chinese or Tamil TV show provided I get a great part to act, which glamorous actresses don't usually get."    

Mallika says that she is getting to experience the best of Hollywood and Bollywood. But when asked who she considers her friends in Hollywood, she evades the questions, saying, "That's a personal question and I am not comfortable answering it."