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Dirty Politics will be a revolution and lesson for bad politics: Mallika

Mallika Sherawat


In a candid chat with Hindustan Times, Mallika Sherawat claims that her upcoming movie, Dirty Politics, starring Om Puri, will be a revolution and a lesson for bad politics. Mallika's character is based on government nurse Bhanwari Devi, who was murdered in 2011.

Speaking about her role opposite Om Puri (who plays the politician in Dirty Politics), Mallika says, "I was very anxious and shy to perform such sciences with Omji, but I also knew that the steamy scenes were an integral part of the film and could not be avoided. He put me to ease and the scenes came out really well. I also mouth a lot of abuses in the film, but you will notice that I do not look or sound vulgar or bad. The movie will be a revolution and a lesson for bad politics."

Mallika says that her upcoming movie Dirty Politics is very interesting and has her playing a strong character. "I play the character called Anokhi Devi who courageously stands up against a politician who exploits her and uses her body for his pleasure. When she records his misdeeds and threatens him, he plans to have her killed."

Sherawat agrees that her role in the film is inspired by Bhanwari Devi. "I have done a lot of homework on her and learnt many details about the way she spoke and behaved. I am very happy about the way my role has turned up in the film."

Talking about women in our country, Mallika says, " There is a lot of hypocrisy in our country. When men use the body of women for their pleasure we do not question them, but when some women use their body to fulfil their ambitions and desires, we look down upon them."

"Not that I am in favour of women who use their body to reach their goals, but I loathe when people judge such women without knowing about the rough trajectories that they have gone through in their lives," she adds.

"No amount of laws and policies will remove women from the clutches of hypocrisy as long as we don't change our mindset. We should stop telling girls to compromise and adjust simply because they are girls. Also no household should raise a girl saying, you will have to get married once you grow up. Instead they should train her and educate her to be self dependent. She will get married but only when decides to do so and is financially independent, and not because she needs a provider," she further says.

Mallika says needs to worry about her fitness and diet because of films: "How I wish I could eat to my hearts' content, and not worry about fitness. If I weren't facing the camera all the time, and if I weren't a film actor, I would never bother about being fit or refraining from eating all sorts of food. I love to experiment and gorge upon different foods but my profession does not allow me to do so."