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Complaint filed against Mallika for 'disrespecting' flag

Mallika Sherawat


The makers of the movie Dirty Politics may be summoned by a court for their role in a controversial promo-poster depicting Mallika Sherawat draped in the colours of the Indian national flag.
A 24-year-old law graduate, Sumit Kumar, has filed a criminal complaint before metropolitan magistrate Neha Palliwal and accused the producers of the movie, lead actress Sherawat and director KC Bokadia of insulting the nation's honour.
If convicted, they could be imprisoned for up to three years.
Though the poster does not actually show the actress draped in a flag--the chakra is conspicuously missing--the complainant said the poster makes it "crystal clear Sherawat disrespected the national flag by making it as a costume".
Kumar also stated such behavior "was not expected" from Sherawat who "often represents India in film festivals abroad".
His lawyers, Pulkit Aggarwal and Siddharth Jain, said their client's "sentiments regarding the nation" had been genuinely hurt and his complaint was not merely a publicity stunt.
Last week, a poster of Sherawat sitting atop an Ambassador car and draped in a cloth having the colours of the national flag was the subject of much argument and gossip. The poster also shows the Rajasthan assembly in the background.
Dirty Politics is based on the case of Bhanwari Devi, a midwife who went missing in 2011 and the remnants of whose corpse were eventually found in early 2012. Several top Rajasthan politicians, believed to be behind the abduction and murder, have been jailed.