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My life is the bedrock on which my show is being made: Mahesh


Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt has made several movies that were inspired from events in his life, including his National Award-winning film Zakhm (1998).

But, he isn’t keen on a film being made on his life. There have been rumours that his daughter Pooja Bhatt is planning a biopic on him, but Mahesh dismisses them, claiming the project won’t be feasible.

“I don’t think a biopic should be made. Pooja wants to do it though, and I have been dissuading her. If she does end up making one, it will be a biopic on her — of a daughter looking at her father’s journey. You can’t make a biopic on a person who doesn’t want it to be made. My life is too controversial, too subversive, too stark; the world can’t deal with it (laughs),” he says.

Mahesh admits that in cinema, you want bearable and marketable truths. His life, however, does not fall under those categories. “The movie will be blasphemous. It will never see the light of the day. My ideas, not just in the realm of relationships, but with regards to everything, including God, religion, government and people is… If you get a peep into my head, you would lock me up in a mental asylum. You would call me a psychopath. People won’t be able to deal with my thoughts and views,” he says.

There have also been rumours that the TV show Mahesh is producing is a remake of Zakhm, but he refutes them. “My life is the bedrock on which my show is being made, but it is not autobiographical. Some colours of my life do reflect in my films. My life is the raw material from which I draw inspiration,” says the 67-year-old film-maker.