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Extra security for Mahesh Bhatt..

Mahesh Bhatt


Mumbai, Jan. 19 -- When Mahesh Bhatt escaped an underworld attack in November, 2014, the Mumbai Police strictly advised the film-maker to stay in the city, and also to stay indoors, in order to avoid any untoward incidents.

However, Bhatt did not quite follow the instructions. Of late, to promote his upcoming production, Bhatt has not only been attending public events in the city, but he has also been travelling to other cities. Now, to make sure the film-maker is secure at all times, two police officers have been deployed to protect him.

"Bhatt is always at the forefront of the promotional activities and he makes it a point to travel with the film's team whenever these events are scheduled. These two trained police officers will now shadow him wherever he goes," says a source.

Even when the director-producer was in Pune and Jaipur recently, these guards made sure they surrounded him while he manoeuvred through the crowds. "This week, he will be heading to Delhi and Kolkata with his team," adds the source.

Confirming the development, Bhatt added, "I'm promoting my film on the front foot. These are occupational hazards. Fame has a price tag. I can't stop living because of this death threat. If I did, that would mean that the terrorist has won. I won't cow down to any threats. Forces like these should never be allowed to win and we must all face them bravely. We cannot come across as weak."