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Celebs shouldn't cry foul: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt


New Delhi, Nov. 21 -- Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has always been very vocal on the topics that plague the industry, says that the next big challenge that stars would need to deal with is social media.

"When we stepped into the digital age, we did not realise that the rug beneath us was pulled. Everything is changing, and behavioural patterns will change. The archaic rules of judging people are not going to work anymore," said the 65-year-old filmmaker on a recent visit to Delhi.

He further said that the stars need to accept this and use it for their own good. "Media is always looking for a conflict, a celeb's personality is fodder for them. Having said that, it crafts one's persona, helping one to make a mark in the industry. There is no point crying foul at it," he says.

The filmmaker further used the same stardom argument when he spoke about stars, who have complained of struggling to find a house based on their gender or religion. "Yes, it's true, that there have been such instances, but on the brighter side, they forget the treatment they get otherwise. They are treated like kings or queens. So as I said, you cannot look through the prism of what is unpleasant only. That's not right," Bhatt said.