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Bhatt's 1989 film on stage!

Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai, March 26 -- Last year, Mahesh Bhatt adapted his semi-autobiographical film, Arth (1982) into a play. Now, the film-maker is taking another film of his, Daddy (1989) to the stage.    

The film had marked the debut of his daughter, Pooja Bhatt, and also featured Anupam Kher. The play aims to revisit the film, with young theatre artiste Imran Zahid reprising Kher's role.    

"After the success of Arth's theatrical version, I thought that Daddy, too, was a kind of movie that could be brilliantly adapted on the stage. It has raw human emotions and naked truths about life and hence, can have a similar kind of impact," says Bhatt, when asked about what prompted the adaptation.    

Kher, who won several awards for his performance in the film, says, "It's good that the audience will get a chance to witness the movie and its emotions live on stage. When plays can inspire movies, why can't a movie inspire a play?"    

Bhatt believes that Zahid has the potential to do justice to the lead character. "Both Imran and Anupam have a strong background in theatre. He performed admirably in The Last Salute (one of Bhatt's plays) and Arth. I'm sure he will perform well," says the film-maker.    

While the team is yet to finalise the female lead for the play, Pooja, who enacted the role of the daughter in the film, is happy that the movie is being revisited through a different medium. "Daddy touched the lives of many people and the issue that the film dealt with is relevant even today. I hope this adaptation is successful," she says.