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Adult chat? No way, say Sapna's parents..

Mahesh Bhatt


Mumbai, Jan. 22 -- Mahesh Bhatt's new leading lady, Sapna Pabbi, who is making her debut with the film-maker's next production, was set to participate in an adult chat with people on a few social networking sites to promote her film. But now the actor has decided against it.

According to a source, the actor's parents were against her decision to do something of this sort. "Her parents don't want her to do anything like this for the sake of promoting a film. So, she has asked the makers if they can scrap the plan altogether," says the source.

Incidentally, ever since news of Sapna being part of an adult chat has started doing the rounds, the actor has been getting lewd messages, with distasteful comments on Facebook. "Such messages are uncalled for, but since the promotional plan was announced, she was bombarded with them. It was quite humiliating, so that was another reason why Sapna decided not to go ahead with it. The makers didn't expect such a situation. Now, they, too, have decided to drop the plan," adds the source.

Despite repeated attempts, both Bhatt and Sapna remained unavailable for comments.