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Madhuri, husband turn to health care

Madhuri Dixit

Mumbai, Dec. 17 -- Since her return to India, Madhuri Dixit has been quite active in the virtual world. The actor connects regularly with her fans via her social networking accounts and recently she even launched an online dance academy, with a subsequent mobile app. Now, Madhuri is teaming up with her doctor husband Sriram Nene to introduce an online system through which doctors and patients can interact with each other.    

"We are looking at doing something in health care because that's my husband's baby. We will launch an online system that will bridge the gap between doctors and patients. Normally, doctors can treat thousands of people in a year, but through this system they can reach out to millions of people," says Madhuri.    

The portal will help patients interact with their doctors in real time and get their queries addressed by experts. "When doctors chat with patients, they can guide them to take the necessary precautions after hearing their problems. This way, the patients will be well aware of their health conditions before meeting their doctors in person.When patients have a little bit of knowledge about what's going on they will develop a better rapport with doctors. I am sure it will be beneficial for both doctors and patients," adds the actor.     

The system is currently in its initial stages of development.