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Madhuri compliments Huma's smile; young actor flattered

Mumbai, Dec. 13 -- In 1984, when Madhuri Dixit made her debut with Abodh, her Dedh Ishqiya co-star Huma Qureshi was not even born. Now, as they come together for the film, the senior actor claims that she sees a lot of her younger self in the relative newcomer.    

"Madhuri and Huma have been promoting the film together. They play best friends, and their on-screen camaraderie can be seen in person too. A few days ago, when Madhuri was asked what she liked best about Huma's co-star, she said it was her smile," says an insider.    

Madhuri apparently also felt that Huma reminded her of her younger days. The insider adds, "She feels that Huma has a smiling face, irrespective of how bad the situation on the sets may be. It's something she really admires about Huma."    

When asked about this, Huma confirms the statement, saying, "After so many years in the industry, if I can have the same passion for films and the humility that she has, then I'll feel like I've achieved something. I find her to be a very real person - as a mother, wife, daughter and a superstar."    

Interestingly, both actors have been getting comments on fashion websites, saying that they look similar. Many have stated that Huma does look like a younger Madhuri.

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