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I'm used to people referring to Dedh Ishqiya as a comeback: Madhuri

Madhuri Dixit

Actors Madhuri Dixit, Naseeruddin Shah, Huma Qureshi, Arshad Warsi and director Abhishek Chaubey turned up the heat on a cold, wintry afternoon when they visited HT House to congratulate the winners of HT City Stars In The City contest.

In a fun-filled session, moderated by HT City editor Sonal Kalra, the Dedh Ishqiya team not only answered all questions candidly, but Madhuri and Huma even shook a leg with one of the contest winners.

We list out some of the most interesting questions asked by the contest winners

We’ve heard this is the only promotional tour your team is doing as the producer couldn’t afford Madhuri’s security bill?
Abhishek: I can hardly afford anything in life, so you’ll have to ask the producer!

Madhuri, actors often get perturbed when a journalist uses words like ‘comeback’. It’s been six years since your last film, Aaja Nachle, released. How was it acting in the film?
Madhuri: I’m used to people referring to it as a comeback, though I’ve always been around, so it doesn’t matter. I had seen Ishqiya and was really impressed with the way all the characters were etched out. When the makers came to me with the film, I loved it, and decided to do the film.

Naseeruddin, is mein bhi dil bachcha hi hai ya thoda sa badha ho gaya?
Naseeruddin: Thoda sa adolescent ho gaya. He’s a little aware of himself as a loverboy who’s actively engaged in wooing this gorgeous lady. So, he’s on the verge of growing up, but hasn’t grown up fully yet.

How is working on the big screen different from small screen?
Madhuri: On the big screen, I’m playing a character. But on the small screen, when I am judging a dance show, I am just myself. Doing what I love — that is a dance.

Abishek, why did you name the film Dedh Ishqi-ya, not Double Ishqiya or Ishqiya 2?
Abishek: That’s because the movie is one-and-a-half times better! See, in north India, the term dedhi is quite popular, while in Mumbai dedh shana is common. So, I thought Dedh Ishqiya would be far more interesting.

When Naseer’s dil went dhak dhak
The hearts of a group of lucky fans went dhak dhak as they spent a bright winter afternoon with Bollywood’s dance diva Madhuri Dixit, apart from actors Naseeruddin Shah, Huma Qureshi and Arshad Warsi.

A usually ­reticent Shah was in a jovial mood, and went on to admit that he’s been a fan of Madhuri, "even before she knew about it".

Madhuri also laughed along and matched steps with a fan as they danced to a number from her new film, and Huma joined in the revelry, too. As fans swooned over her moves, even Shah agreed to be "in awe" of Madhuri.