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Madhur: I have a journalist streak..

Madhur Bhandarkar


New Delhi, Oct. 7 -- Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has created his own niche audience by directing women-centric films, and he feels that a lot of issues in the society can be shown from the eyes of a woman.

"There are cases and subjects that can be told from a woman's point of view," says Bhandarkar, who has directed films such as Page 3 (2005), Fashion (2008) and Heroine (2012).

"Every filmmaker develops his own style of making cinema. Just as a painter makes his painting, as a creative filmmaker, I show different shades of the world," he adds.

Bhandarkar, who has a journalist's streak, credits this for making hard-hitting cinema and wants to tell audiences about the reality of life through films. "I have a journalist streak. People write articles or books, I make films. This is my interpretation of telling what happens around me," he says.

Despite the ups and downs in his career, the filmmaker doesn't let the different phases bother him. "I never give into the pressure or how much money my films have made. I am comfortable in my zone," he says.