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Looks aren't most important: Lisa Ray


Mumbai, June 7 -- Lisa Ray's is still struggling with multiple myeloma. Despite being declared cancer-free in 2010, the actor is still under heavy medication.

Ask her if she ever fears that the treatment and medicines might affect her looks, and she says, "My main concern was to stay alive."

The actor adds, "I gained 40 pounds because of the steroids I took during the illness, but I still walked the red carpet of a film event. It was the least self-conscious I'd ever been. I broke through 'The Pathology of Perfection', which, I think, a lot of us in the industry suffer from."

She also says she has stopped "relying on her looks". She says, "Looks do matter, but they aren't most important. I'm on steroids. I'll never get my old figure back. But forget my cancer experience, even getting older has an impact on your looks. And I'm okay with that."

Did she find the treatment phase difficult, considering there's little privacy for public figures? "Not at all. I consciously chose to go out in public in order to create more awareness about the disease. I think speaking openly about cancer in India is important, as there's a taboo around the disease in the country," she says.

On the work front, Lisa might do a film with film-maker Deepa Mehta again. "I can't say for sure, but I hope so. She is a good friend," says the actor.