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Lisa Ray to pen a 'tell-all'!

Lisa Ray


New Delhi, Sept. 19 -- Actor, TV host and cancer survivor Lisa Ray has decided to write her autobiography after being approached by a leading publishing house.

The 42-year-old, who has appeared in an array of Bollywood and crossover films as well as international TV series, was diagnosed with cancer around six years back, and had to take a break from a flourishing career for her treatment. After winning a tough battle against cancer, she even worked towards awareness and support for cancer patients.

Talking about the same, Ray, who was born in Toronto to a Hindu Bengali Indian father and a Polish mother, says, "It is a great honour to be approached by one of the world's leading publication houses to pen down my life. My journey up until now is almost surreal and I know it is not going to be an easy task to put it on paper. Often, one has to relive some very tough moments in order to give an honest account of things. I am done with a major chunk of the manuscript, and to wrap up the book, I think I need to revisit some locations in India where my roots lie."

Lisa is almost done with the first draft, and the book is expected to hit the stands early next year. "I hope that my book will be a source of confidence for people about the fact that you really can beat the odds without compromising who you are," she adds.