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Lisa Ray: A home in Hong Kong..

Lisa Ray


Mumbai, April 13 -- Lisa Ray is currently busy doing up the interiors of her new home in Hong Kong, China. Since her husband, businessman Jason Dehni, is based in the city, the couple has bought a house there.

A source close to Lisa says that she has been staying in Hong Kong for the last two months. She has been personally looking into the decor of her new home. "She has great aesthetic sense when it comes to designing interiors. She has been doing a lot of research to give the space a mix of tradition and modernity," says the source.

Over the years, since the actor has spent a lot of her time travelling, she has picked up art pieces from across the world. She will use pieces from her collection to do up the house.

When contacted, Lisa said, "It will be an art-filled space. I will put up works of many Indian artists that I have been collecting since the '90s, including a painting by artist Jogen Chowdhury. I will decorate the interiors with furniture from Paris, Milan and London, where I have lived."

Once she has finished doing up her home, Lisa will fly to Mumbai to look into her film assignments as will soon make a comeback in films.