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Lisa Ray: 'Happy for their success'

Lisa Ray


New Delhi, Aug. 27 -- Lisa Ray, who was away from Hindi films for a long time owing to her illness, is now open to doing all kinds of roles.

The actor says she has become immune to public opinion, as she has few fears after "surviving cancer".

Are you aware of how much Bollywood has changed since you left? That's part of the attraction. It's like starting a new chapter. Stories being told now are more interesting. You've big films (backed by studios), and then you have small, independent productions. There's a notion that married actresses get less offers.

Do you think that might be a hurdle for you? I don't think the audience is concerned about that. They want a great story and a good character. I have few fears after surviving cancer. I am here to explore opportunities. I really don't bother about little things. When you have dealt with your own death (sic), these things don't matter that much. You should be focused what you want to accomplish in life.

The Khans continue to rule the industry. That is something that hasn't changed since when you were here. Is working with any of them still on your wish list? I came to work in Mumbai when Shah Rukh Khan wasn't the biggest star. I have seen Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in different phases of their careers. It's great to see that they've stuck to their strengths. I am happy for their success.

Are you going to venture into TV as well? One thing that I'm not open to doing is reality shows. I was offered a few in the last three years. I'm an introvert. So, my ideal world involves going to work and coming back home. It might sound strange, but exposing your whole life on TV is something I'd not love to do.