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Lisa gives back!

Lisa Ray


Mumbai, Feb. 2 -- Cancer survivor Lisa Ray might be healthy today, but she has not forgotten the traumatic period she went through during her treatment.

Having faced the challenges that come with the intensive, and even debilitating treatment first-hand, the model-turned actor has now joined a campaign called Beauty Gives Back. Through this campaign, Lisa aims to give cancer patients across the country the mental strength and support to make it through the treatment.

Lisa says, "It's a unique idea. It used to be called 'Look good and feel better' earlier. Once you are detected with cancer, many women and men suffer from emotional fallouts as they lose hair and undergo facial changes. There are so many aspects to this treatment. It may sound superstitious, but it's actually not; once you start looking better, you do start feeling better."

Currently in her hometown, Kolkata, the actor will start doing her bit by hosting motivational workshops with cancer patients. "At these workshops, patients will learn about what kinds of make-up to use, how they can hide their scars and what wigs they can use... the plan is to make it fun and light. I will start at a cancer hospital in Kolkata," adds Lisa.