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Not dating Randeep, clarifies an upset Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon


Actor Lisa Haydon is miffed with recent reports that she is ­dating actor Randeep Hooda, and has expressed her ire on microblogging site Twitter.

On Thursday, a ­picture of her and Hooda ­dining together in Mumbai surfaced in the media, that set off buzz that they are an item.

Upset by these rumours Lisa took to Twitter on Thursday to set the record straight and posted a series of tweets which read: “What a joke! Randeep and I were introduced half an hour before this picture was taken at a work dinner organised by celebrity management ­agency with 2 management members present. Most surprised to see a paparazzi on our way out as there was no other event at the hotel that night… he was obviously tipped off, I ­certainly have my guesses! How disappointing (sic)!”

Lisa, who has been earlier linked to DJ Karan Bhojwani, further tweeted, “I do not casually date and if I did it, trust me it would be ­somewhere a lot more private than where paparazzi are indiscriminately let through the front door. Of course, Randeep looks alarmed in the photos. We hardly know each other, you couldn’t even call us friends.”

Lisa, who will soon be seen playing lead opposite actor Akshay Kumar in an upcoming film signed off by posting, “Such rumours are distressing to many ppls lives. Respect appreciated!”