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Lisa Haydon: Hard work gets its due..

Lisa Haydon


New Delhi, Dec. 22 -- Bollywood actor Lisa Haydon, who slowly but surely got the actor in her noticed with films such as Queen, is happy that meaty roles are being written about female actors and that "they are getting appreciated for performance oriented roles".

And the 28-year-old actor is glad that the industry has enough opportunities for everyone to carve a niche for themselves.

"Yes, there is competition, but there are several opportunities too. Everyone needs to earn their stripes," she says, adding, "If you have talent, and you work hard, the success will surely happen, unless you are terribly bad," says the actor, who made her Bollywood debut with Aisha (2010).

Unlike some actors, who say the industry is not welcoming when it comes to 'outsiders' or people not coming from a Bollywood family, Lisa says it doesn't matter to her.

"Really, who cares? I am not looking for grand welcomes. I am here to work. If I make close bonds while working, that's fine. Otherwise, I like to concentrate on work and work hard," says Lisa, who loves the industry for the professional prospects it offers.

"It's fun to work here and one also gets to travel. Which is great, because I love to travel," she says.