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Lisa Haydon hadn't watched the original cult "Shaukeen"!

Lisa Haydon

By Tulsi, News Network

Until a few days back… Thank God! Lisa Haydon has been quite the talk of the town post super-hit “Queen” where she played a wacky, outgoing party-animal called Vijay (Vijaylaxmi) and Kangana’s new friend in Paris, who completely changed her life. Ever since, everyone has been waiting for her next appearance in Bollywood. And here she is!

Playing the lead role in “The Shaukeens”, opposite Akshay Kumar. Lisa is back to reintroduce a dose of sexiness. The film is an adaptation of the original Bollywood cult film  “Shaukeen” (1982). Lisa replaces Rati Agnihotri, who was at her peak at that point. But Lisa says: ”Rati Agnihotri was fantastic in the film and I completely loved her part. However, my character Ahana is very different from her’s.”

Lisa still hasn’t managed to watch the complete film, as she fell asleep while watching it late in the night. Now that’s a disappointing response from someone who is a central character in the film. Nevertheless, Lisa, we hope you rock it anyway!