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It wasn't a well-rounded answer: Lisa Haydon on her comments


In the past, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma have openly addressed the prevalence of sexism in the entertainment industry.

With women batting for feminism, Lisa Haydon’s take on the same was rather surprising when she called it an “overused term’ earlier this year. “Women have been given these bodies to produce children,” was one the many things Haydon said that invited backlash.

The actor admits that her answer could have been well-rounded. “I casually stated something without thinking. I don’t think it was a well-rounded answer, and in some ways, it was misconstrued,” she says.

The actor further adds that she “very much believes in equality”. “I wouldn’t be in the business if I didn’t,” she says. The Queen (2014) actor believes that the best place to discuss feminism is over a debate where people can present all sides of the issue at one platform.

Ask her if her sexy image restricts her from playing deglamourised characters, and she refutes. “I really hope not. I don’t look like this (glamourous) when I wake up or when I’m at home. Going to work is also role playing; you’re ultimately playing a character. And within that character, it is important to play many other characters if you are an actor,” she explains.

Lisa Haydon talks about how she finds it “offensive” when people simply talk about the way she looks in a film and don’t go beyond that. (Yogen Shah)

In fact, Lisa finds it “offensive” when people only focus on her looks in movies. “When people tell me, ‘You looked great in that movie,’ I’m offended. I ask ‘You didn’t notice anything else? I worked really hard you know,’” she says with a laugh.